For and about Multiples

Why are you interested in people with multiple personalities?

If the statistics are correct, somewhere between 6-10% of people have multiple personalities. That means that there's a good chance that you know someone who has multiple personalities if you know more than 20 people. However, to most people who have multiple personalities, it is invisible. It's only when the multiple system collapses, when the delicate charade ends, that the multiple or others may notice the disparities of having multiple personalities.

The Crissing Link

The Crissing Link is a series of books, talks, coaching, and workshops that help multiples who have undergone a crisis develop better coping mechanisms, and help multiples who decline the option of integration therapy to live a balanced and healthy life. Some of the materials may also help the public-at-large understand what it's like to be multiple, or help therapists work with multiple clients.

Multiples -- people who have multiple personalities, now known as Dissociative Identity "Disorder" -- can lead normal lives, as different from "Eve" or "Sybil" as day and night. But it's so rare to hear of successful people who have decided to live with their multiplicity, much less those who are proud champions defending their right to live a plural life. Enter The Crisses.

The Crissing Link is a series created by The Crisses, a multiple system that has been a champion in the underground self-help movement for multiples since 1996. The Crisses encourage multiples to intelligently and informatively choose whether or not to integrate, and accept and embrace who you are as simply different and unique rather than troubled, much less clinically insane. The Crissing Link deliberately challenges the in-your-face works on the market that read like horror novels, and gives a humane perspective on her life as an example of living in self-acceptance and deliberate harmony.

Rev. Criss Ittermann, aka The Crisses

Author and founder of The Crissing Link series, Rev. Criss is also a life coach, Interfaith minister, Shaman, herbalist, Reiki Master, and more. For more information see Liberated Life Coaching.

Criss grew up in Brooklyn, New York and spent the majority of her life wanting to get out of New York City. At the age of 10 she knew she was meant to live in nearby Upstate New York. At the age of 16 following an avalanche of tragic events, Criss spent 9 months in a mental hospital. The adolescent ward of the hospital was far from what you may have seen in movies. It was much more like a Breakfast Club vacation than a traumatic experience from a psychothriller movie. Quiet, observant, and wise beyond her years, Criss became a mother hen for other people who were outcast from society, for whatever reason.

While in the hospital, Criss confessed about her "other people" in her head to her doctor. While he didn't put her diagnosis on paper until 2001, Criss was diagnosed with multiple personalities in 1986 and refused to integrate.

Criss knew from the age of 16 on that she wanted to be a healer, and spent time learning several holistic disciplines. She felt the call to become a Life Coach in her 20s but didn't have a name for it, and didn't think she was old enough to guide people to find their own wisdom. She held off her true life purpose until she had grey hair. In the meantime she also became an ordained Interfaith minister and furthered her training in the healing arts.

By 39, the world was ready for Rev. Criss to step into her true vocation. Life Coaching is becoming a recognized profession, and Rev. Criss has been trained. As part of her exploration of honesty, integrity and authenticity, Rev. Criss published her poetic autobiography titled Poetic License, the first of a series of books called The Crissing Link. Other books in the series will be Multiple Choice and United Front.